Module HR Portal

A unique HR portal
for the entire company


All the employees datas in the same software



gestion du temps en entreprise

Save time
on administrative HR

  • Dematerialization of staff files (documents, employement contracts, pay slip, etc.)

  • Centralization of all HR data 


Fiabiliser les processus de gestion

Better reliability of your management processes

  • Removing rewriting steps and risk of error

  • Setting alerts on important dates (end of contract, medical examination, interviews, etc.)

  • History of all employee data

Améliorer le bien-être au travail

your HR tracking

  • Easier preparation of the social balance sheet and the NSN

  • Monitoring of HR indicators (payroll, staffing, turnover, absenteeism, etc.)

  • Staff register updated and available according to legal requirements

  • View and download digitized sallary bulletins
  • One-click access to up-to-date personal and business information (contract and endorsements, RIB, etc.)
  • Consult the employee directory, the trombinoscope and organization chart
  • Is alerted of the important team deadlines (end of contract, annual and professional maintenance, birthdays etc.)
  • Access to employee HR indicators (status, remuneration, working days, overtime, training courses, etc.)
HR service
  • Directly imports the salary base from a payroll software or a LDAP directory
  • Gets the history of inputs and outputs and key data per employee
  • Customize and consults with various HR dashboards



  • A modular and scalable HRIS

    Entirely configurable, Eurécia can be adapted to your management rules. According to the evolution of your company needs and growth, you can add modules and users.

  • A collaborative and easy to use solution

    Eurécia is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, on computer, tablet and mobile. Software maintenance and upgrades are automatic and fully supported by Eurécia.

  • A reliable and secure software

    On the market for more than 10 years, Eurécia has more than 800 clients whether 80000 users. Your data's security and confidentiality are guaranteed.



They choose to simplify HR administration

More than 800 companies choose Eurecia for they're HR management. SMEs, major groups, administrations or associations, from different countries and in a variety of sectors.

Christophe Gabette
General Affair Manager - Berger Levrault

The Eurécia product is a simple solution with fast and efficient set-up.

Charlotte Renouvel
Human Resources Manager - Seureca Véolia

The Eurecia solution allows us to gain a working day per week.